Here at Agile, our mission is to help Shopify merchants sell more. And Conversion Maximizer does just that.

Why it works.

Creating urgency and scarcity are two well-known marketing tactics used to increase conversion rates. Conversion Maximizer takes this concept one step further by adding social proofing into the mix; showing potential customers that peers are viewing and purchasing your products validates the purchase and increases their likeliness to buy.

App features.

Conversion Maximiser has 4 data-driven alerts for you to customise to help you create the Fear Of Missing Out amongst your website browsers and inspire them to act without delay.

1. Dispatch time

Show a live countdown until the last dispatch time for your warehouse. You can set your timezone and language, set your cut off time, and block out holiday/blackout dates.

2. Live Stock

Show your live stock levels for all/any of your products.You can set the levels when you want the alert to show and also choose to show a custom message when the chosen variant is out of stock.

3. Last Purchase

Show information about the last purchase of any chosen product or variant. You can configure the data to show first name, purchase location, variant/product title and time ago purchased. And you can choose to have the product image display in the alert.

4. View Statistics

Show how popular your products are by displaying your website traffic data to prospective customers.

Product and collection overrides.
You can choose individual products or entire collections to override the alerts. This means the alerts won’t show on these selected product pages.

Pause and enable the alerts with one click.
If you don't want to have your alerts live all the time, you can just pause them, and then reenable them when you’re ready. This is really useful if you’re using the alerts on particular products, such as when running a sale.

You can customise the alerts with your own text, add emojis and design them by selecting your background, border and font colours. Plus you can add your own CSS if you like. And you can see your changes in real time with the preview function.
Please visit the Integration page for more detailed information on the design features.

Installation is automatic. Or you can manually add the code snippet into your liquid page template, giving you ultimate control over the placement of the alerts on the product page. Please visit the Installation page for detailed instructions.

We're adding new alerts all the time, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have an idea!

Your feedback feeds our development roadmap and helps our apps continually improve.

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