There are two types of installation for Conversion Maximizer, Automatic and Manual.

Automatic installation

The Automatic version of Conversion Maximizer is automatically installed when you install the app. This version allows you to choose where you would like the alerts to appear on the page, for example, bottom right of the product page. We recommend sticking with this option if you are not comfortable with editing HTML.

Manual installation

The Manual version of Conversion Maximizer can be installed by copying and pasting the code snippet into your Product-template.liquid file. This version allows you to place the alerts within the product page itself, for example, under the add to cart button. You can view an example of this here on our demo store. For manual installation, please follow these detailed instructions below.

Step by step instructions

In your Shopify store navigate to Apps in the left-hand menu

Select 'Conversion Maximiser'

Click 'Installation' in the top menu bar.

Copy the embed code

Go to your the 'Online Store' section of your Shopify admin.

Then select the theme you want to install Conversion Maximiser on and go to 'Edit code':

Themes > Actions > Edit code

Scroll down the side bar and select:

Sections > Product-template.liquid

You can choose where you want the Conversion Maximiser alerts to display on your product page.

We suggest adding the alerts under the Add to cart button, under the product title, or under the product price. However you may want to add the Conversion Maximiser alerts in other areas on your product page.

The process is the same for adding the code. It’s just the placement that will change.

Option 1.
Placement under the product title

Find ( ctrl/cmd+F) the following liquid element:


Click Enter after the:

{{ product.title }}</h1>

and start a new line

Then paste the embed code. It will then look like this:

Then click Save.

Option 2.
Placement under the product price

Find ( ctrl/cmd+F) the following liquid element:


Click Enter after the:


and start a new line, and paste the embed code:

Then click Save.

Checking your installation was successful

Once you have successfully saved your change, go back to:

Apps > Conversion Maximiser > Installation

Your theme should now show in the dropdown

Click the ‘Check snippet installation’ button to check the code has been installed correctly.

Hopefully you see a big green tick :)

And if you run into any problems, please email us at and we'll jump in and help out.

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